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diego Hello There!

I’m DeVon

I am a Business Analyst seeking to leverage expertise to spearhead new and existing software development and lifecycle management.

I demonstrate proficiency in go-to-market strategies, product acquisition, and emerging technologies to analyze the industry’s ecosystem and establish market relevance. I Harness excellent communication skills to lead agile, cross-functional teams to complete complex projects within time and budget constraints.

diego MY FOCUS

I possess strong analytical skills to evaluate and interpret complex data. They should be able to identify patterns, trends, and insights from data to make informed business decisions.

I have experience eliciting requirements, facilitating meetings, and presenting findings to stakeholders. I exercise strong written and verbal communication skills enable them to convey information clearly and concisely.

I have a solid understanding of technology applications and tools. This knowledge helps me assess and evaluate system requirements, contribute to the design of technical solutions, and ensure alignment with business needs.

As the field of business analysis evolves, I actively seek opportunities to update their knowledge and skills. They stay abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices to remain effective and relevant in their roles.

I often work on projects with changing requirements and evolving business landscapes. I am adaptable, flexible, and open to new ideas and approaches to successfully navigate these changes

I collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, including business users, developers, and project managers. Strong interpersonal skills enable me to actively listen, build relationships, mediate conflicts, and facilitate effective communication and collaboration.

  • Jan 2024 - Present

    Tech and Digital Instructor

    Sunshine Enterprises
  • Jul 2023 - Dec 2023

    Business Analyst

  • Nov 2014 - Apr 2022

    System Analyst

    Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Sep 2013 - May 2014

    Front End Web Developer

    Laughlin Constable
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DeVon Favors Business Analyst

Co-Workers Say

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DeVon Favors Business Analyst

I enjoyed DeVon from the very first interview and always regarded his positive energy and great attitude. His experience with us as a BA was cut short due to funding and I was very disappointed to see him go. He brought all of his many skills to bear and did not shy away from new assignments for an industry that was brand new to him. I do recommend DeVon for a multitude of positions within his skillset, but especially as a business analyst.


Marcus Weldon, PMP, CSM

Manager IT/Portfolio Delivery

De'Von is my Rock Star Developer and has made my life as a PM pleasant. He is aware of timelines and tasks and works diligently to complete updates to my clients' websites and email newsletters. De'Von is always approachable and never minds taking the time to explain information. I am truly glad to have him be apart of my team.


Angela Estelle Wells, MBA

Product and Program Manager

DeVon is a great team player that always looks for new and different ways to complete projects efficiently. He uses his skill set well, but also continues to learn and develop.


Marwan Hachem

Manager of Web Design and Development

In the 20 years I have been involved with design and marketing, it's rare to come across individuals that have artistic talent, innovative vision, and technical capacity. De'Von has this skillset to take any project beyond the boundaries expected. I am looking forward to the future projects when I can work with De'Von again.


Jerry Santos

Senior Software Analyst
DeVon Favors Business Analyst DeVon Favors Business Analyst

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